Welcome humans & pets!

Connecting with you and your pet is our passion

Located on Unley Rd in Adelaide. Become part of Pet Society Vet and join a community of humans and pets focused on the health and wellbeing of our fur kids.

We believe “it takes a tribe” to look after the wellbeing of our families, including our fur kids. Everyone benefits from being part of a caring community. The role of Pet Society Vet in that community is to provide the finest veterinary care and advice for your pet, while involving you in the process to create the best outcomes. Come meet our team and you will soon see we are more than your pet’s medical team.

Delivering Exceptional Veterinary Services to our Pet Society Vet Community.

Compassion, Integrity, Reliability, and Excellence

Pet Society Vet is a Pet-Centric Veterinary Clinic where knowledge, expertise and collaboration are harnessed to provide the best veterinary care for each individual pet and their human.

Pet Society Vet provides the best care, for you & your pet.

Each pet has their individual needs as do their humans. With our experience and knowledge, and our detailed care, your pet will be in great hands with the team at Pet Society Vet.

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