Dental Care

A healthy smile is a happy smile

Cat & dog dental health is one of the most important pillars of pet health. It is for this reason we regularly focus on the health of your pet’s mouth. Preventative dental cleaning is an important step in maintaining a healthy mouth. In the event your pet needs oral surgery our team of cat and dog dental vets is well equipped and experienced to provide the best care possible.

Poor dental health leads to whole body aging, increased risk of heart disease, infection and pain as well as being a source of infection within the body. These serious issues ultimately lead to a reduced quality of life and life expectancy for your fur baby. This is why managing dental health is one of the pillars to uphold for the longevity and wellness of your pet and why we are regularly making your pet’s mouth a priority during a physical examination.

It is of no surprise the gold standard for ongoing management for optimal dental health is daily brushing. Could you imagine what would be happening in your mouth if you didn’t brush twice daily? Of course daily brushing is not always going to be possible depending on the pet or personal circumstances. Above all else you and your pet need to be kept safe! Dog bites and cat bites can lead to serious injury. If you are considering brushing your pets teeth we ask that you talk to our team to discuss your personal circumstances and gain some tips and training to get you started.

Beyond brushing there is more that can be done at home. This includes formulated dental diets such as Hills Science Diet T/D biscuits, dental chew treats, as well as toys that encourage your pet to use their teeth in a safe and healthy way. A word on dental diets and treats – Not all are made equal. Marketing is aimed at dental care for pets and many conscientious owners choose products with best intentions but are not getting value from their choice. We recommend VOHC (Vet Oral Health Council) approved treats including Greenies and Oravet. These products have been assessed for quality and effectiveness to reduce plague, tartar and gingivitis. Let us help you choose a product that is best suited for the needs of your pet.

The best way to combat dental health is through regular check-ups, home care, as well as veterinary dentistry. If your pet is up to date with their routine health checks we offer our clients complementary dental health checks with our trained nurses. For most pets this is recommended to be performed every three to six months. Our team can assist in monitoring and provide advice on your home management plan and help identify when a routine clean could be needed. Contact the clinic today to check if your pet is able to have a complementary nurse dental check.

Just like in human dentistry, pets need regular dental cleaning as well. This is performed using a high-quality ultrasonic scaler and low speed polishing cup to clean and polish the teeth under a general anaesthetic.

Many pets will need dental surgery and tooth extractions within their lifetime. Though sometimes the need for dental extractions can be evident on examination during a consultation, it is a standard expectation that we cannot know the extent of disease or which teeth need extraction until we are able to perform a thorough oral examination under anaesthetic, coupled with dental x-rays. We use dental x-rays to assist in monitoring teeth, pre surgery planning, and post-surgery assessment to provide a high standard of veterinary dentistry.

For specialised dental needs such as root canals, malalignment treatments or capping, we can consult with you and offer referral to an experienced dental vet or specialist.