Fear Free Certification

Everyone wins with Fear Free

Dr Jessica Paterson and the Pet Society Vet team are Fear Free certified vets, providing your pet with a tailored and considerate approach to their needs. We work with you and your pet to create reduced fear vet visits.

Fear Free approach to our fur kids means we read the body language of the pet and respond to them appropriately. We work closely with you to create vet experiences that have as little stress and fear as possible. Getting to know you and your pet is an integral part to understanding the needs. Over time with dedication and persistence and support from both the Pet Society Vet team and the fur family members we can achieve this.

It is often unreasonable to complete several stressful tasks in one visit. Therefore we we will divide the desired visit outcomes, such as nail trims, anal gland expression, sample collections, or vaccinations and medication administration, into multiple visits. Through the consultation process we will learn what is most important for you and your pet to achieve and we will clearly communicate the best ways to achieve this. Sometimes we might identify that a nail trim for example, is too stressful and a low priority for the wellbeing of your pet, and may recommend away from completing all requested results.

Another part of our Fear Free approach is to avoid physical restraint that creates escalating fear for many pets. The best outcome for everyone is to have a brave and happy pet who trusts their Pet Society Vet team. If physical restraint is needed but likely to cause undue stress and fear we will provide you with options around medical restraint, utilising supplements, medications, or sedation and anaesthesia to achieve the needed outcomes.

For many pets the simple journey to the vet can be excessively stressful for both cats and dogs. We frequently employ the use of fear free medication prior to a vet visit to allow the pet to start at a calmer base before they come to the clinic. This is something that will be offered to patients that meet the criteria of excessive fear and stress.

We will consult with you to discuss what options are indicated for your pet to have a brave experience with Pet Society Vet.