Wellness & Preventative Health Care

The foundation of pet health care

Pet Wellness is the best Health Care. Routinely monitoring our pets’ health gives us the greatest opportunity to discover changes as early as possible and be able to provide the best options for their health needs. We provide preventative medicines in the form of vaccinations and parasite control, nutrition and weight consultation, lifestyle and life stage health management.

With focus on weight, nutrition, dental health, lifestyle and preventative medicine we help your animal be in a prime position for maintaining optimal health. You will be provided with the medical care and guidance needed to assist in achieving this.

We provide cat vaccinations, dog vaccinations, rabbit vaccinations and ferrets vaccinations. Annual canine heartworm prevention injections (Proheart) are another routine step in preventative care for our dogs. Our team can give guidance and advice on individual pet needs and product choice for the control of intestinal worms, fleas and ticks. This is not the only way we support the wellness of the pets in our community.

At Pet Society Vet we follow the WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Associate) guidelines and encourage biannual health checks for your fur kids. During consultation we address your questions and concerns as well as giving your pet a thorough physical examination. In many individual cases there may be a need for additional check-ups which will be discussed on a case by case basis between the vet team and the fur family.

Another area of great importance is routine wellness pathology, mainly in the form of blood tests. It is not just important to know what is happening internally using blood test results, but understanding what is “normal” and routine for your pet. Therefore, pre anaesthetic blood test screening and annual routine wellness testing is of great value. It can help identify minor (or major) changes that can point us toward specific medical needs. Identifying changes early creates opportunities to provide your pet with a longer, and more comfortable, healthy life.

Another area we regularly address during routine wellness examinations is assessing any lumps and bumps your pet may have developed. This involves collecting a thorough history and valuable information about your observations a physical examination, and the important step of cytology. With our In Clinic Laboratory, our skilled vets can take a cell sample from a lump as small as a pea. Often this will give us the information we need, while other times it will guide us towards the best next step for investigation or treatment. This is usually achievable during the consult but occasionally may require a brief hospital stay.

Weight and Nutrition are areas that sometimes get overlooked in the veterinary world, but it is with good reason that more and more people are coming to understand the importance of managing an animal’s health through diet, weight management and nutrition. The nurses and vets at Pet Society Vet will discuss with you the options for your individual pet’s needs in line with your personal values. Pet Society Vet have a couple of nurses whom have a special interest in pet nutrition, having completed additional nutrition training, and can provide tailored feeding plans and support systems for your home to achieve the outcomes your pet requires.

See our other service pages to learn more about specific areas of health care such as Dental Care and Senior Health Care for further information.