Services for your pet's health care

Connecting with you and your pet is our passion


Pet Society Vet is here to provide your pet with their veterinary care needs. Here are just some of the services we provide.

As we grow so will our services.

Pet Society Vet provides a variety of routine and non routine services. We use evidence based medicine and believe in gathering information from you and your pet to best provide the care they need. It is important for us to stay up to date with the latest knowledge in veterinary medicine and surgery so we can continue to provide the high standard of care to our community.

Our services extend beyond many general practices, so if there is something you do not see here just get in touch and we can discuss your pet’s health care needs further.

Wellness & Preventive Health Care

Wellness Care is the best Health Care. Routinely monitoring our pets’ health gives us the greatest opportunity to discover changes as early as possible and be able to provide the best options for their needs.


Our purpose-built operating theatre aligns with accreditation standards to provide a quality environment for the best outcomes.


Desexing is one of the more common and routine procedures your pet will have through a vet clinic, but that does not make it any less important.

Senior Health & Palliative Care

Caring for your pet as they age or enter chronic illness can be difficult. There is much we can offer to ensure your pet happy and most comfortable life. Our compassionate and knowledgeable team are here to support.

Skin & Ears

Skin and ear disease is one of the most common reasons owners seek vet care for their dogs and cats, allergies being a frequent source for skin and ear issues. By managing the underlying issues, we can stay on top of the dermatological care for your pet. Beyond allergies, there are many conditions that can affect the skin and ears.

Dental Care

Dental health is one of the most important pillars of pet health. It is for this reason we regularly focus on the health of your pet’s mouth. Preventative dental cleaning is an important step in maintaining a healthy mouth.

In Clinic Laboratory & Pharmacy

At Pet Society Vet we use evidence-based medicine to support our high quality of pet care. Using our in-clinic laboratory we provide medical assessment through blood tests and microscopy with quick turnaround times.


Utilising digital x-ray and ultrasound we provide non-invasive options for disease investigation and monitoring.

Fear Free Certification

Dr Jessica Paterson and the Pet Society Vet team are Fear Free certified, providing your pet with a tailored and considerate approach to their needs. We work with you and your pet to create reduced fear vet visits.

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine TCVM

Dr Erika will assess your pet’s needs and provide you with treatment recommendations, from acupuncture sessions, diet management, to herbs or supplements.

ISFM Certified Cat Friendly Clinic

As an ISFM Certified Cat Friendly clinic, we have met criteria to ensure all the needs of your cat are met.

Puppy School

Our Puppy School program is force free and positive based to ensure you and your puppy have a great start to training and owner-pet bonding.