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Meet Dr. Jess

Dr Jessica Paterson

- BSC, BVMS - Director & Principal Vet

“A house is not a home without paw prints"

Dr Jessica Paterson is the owner and founder of Pet Society Vet.  Her dream of becoming a vet and owning her own practice started as many do – in the imagination of her 12-year-old self.  She wanted to change the world of animal health care. Though the dream has changed and matured over the decades, it never faded.

Dr Jess has a passion for connecting with animals and their humans, to provide high standards of veterinary medicine and surgery. Clients know they are heard and understood when they talk to her, and truly feel like part of the community she has developed. Fear Free Certified, Dr Jess approaches each patient in a way that is suitable for them and their humans. She has a keen interest in imaging, internal medicine, and complex medical case work up as well as soft tissue surgery and believes in a multimodal approach to the health care of her patients.

Meet the rest of the our Pet Society Vet team

Kristina Gaddi (Tina)

Senior Nurse

"Pets - life's apology for having bad days"

Nurse Tina’s career as an animal health advocate began in early 2011. However, her passion for animals began many years earlier in primary school, when the local farm barn spent the day educating the kids about animal handling and health.
Tina had a passion for comfortable patient care, it’s important to her that her patients are comfortable and stress free whilst in her care.

If you have met Tina in the clinic, you will know that she is energetic, personable, compassionate, lives with integrity, and is highly knowledgeable and skilled.

She is well respected by her colleagues, past and present, and is someone you want to spend your time with.

It is not uncommon for our clients to comment “She is great! Make sure you keep her” or “We love the way she looks after out pet”.

Outside of work you’ll find Tina at the beach, rain hail or shine, normally chasing after her very energetic German Shorthaired Pointer, Sonny.



“Our nursing plans should come from our brains but the care should be delivered from the heart”

Leanne started nursing career in 2005 after rescuing and caring for a baby possum. She has always had a huge love for all kinds of animals, with that love growing each day.

Leanne really loves “the golden oldies”, providing ongoing high standards of care to our aging pets.  She is passionate about practicing fear free nursing to ensure all animals are as safe and comfortable as possible while visiting the vets and receiving treatment.

Leanne is our clinics Cat Friendly Clinic Silver Accreditation Advocate through ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine), which means she ensures the standards or care and environment within the clinic will always be focused on the wellbeing of our feline friends.  She has also created the Calm Clinic programme with Ceva to provide Adaptil, and Feliway throughout the clinic for our fur babies when they visit.

Leanne has also taken on additional studies in small animal nutrition through the Hills Nutritional Consultation Course and endeavours provide high quality nutrition advice to all her patients.

Leanne is a caring and gentile soul who has clients requesting her personally for their pet’s nurse consults, nail trims and overall care within the clinic.

When not at work Leanne is running her children to many sports and spending time with her two border collies, Oakley and Archie, Jello her rescue cat and Danger Noodles, a baby stimpson python.




"There is no better mood booster than a dog wagging it’s tail just for you or a cat purring in your ear"

Tanya started her pet care career in 2010 and gained her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2013.

She has been an animal lover her whole life and one of her favourite things has always been when a friendly neighbourhood cat finds her and is happy for her to give them a pat.
Like a lot of people in the Veterinary field she took home a tiny stray kitten home during her first few weeks in the industry. Jude, the black and white cat has been her constant companion ever since.
She believes all animals should be treated with respect and understanding and has strong belief in fear free principals.

Dr Erika Sullivan

Veterinarian & TCVM Practitioner

"Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently". - Maya Angelou
Dr. Erika Sullivan is a veterinarian from Toronto, Canada. After spending eight years in small animal practice (including ophthalmology and emergency) in Canada, Erika moved to Thailand where she spent nine months working at an elephant and dog shelter. From Thailand, Erika moved down under in Australia, where she expanded her work portfolio through working  in emergency medicine, teaching veterinary nursing, and casually as a scuba diving instructor and shark conservation enthusiast! Dr. Erika is certified in Traditional Chinese Herbal therapy, Food therapy, and Acupuncture. She has spent over 10 years expanding her alternative modality portfolio and feels all of her patients benefit from a more holistic approach to treatment and care. Erika is passionate about traveling abroad, promoting wildlife conservation and using the need to help street animals abroad as a means to also educate those seeking a profession in the veterinary industry, whilst help the animal in need. Erika lives with a naughty rescued pet conure named El Chapo and her beautiful daughter.

Dr Lauren Eyre


"The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals"

Dr. Lauren Eyre is a veterinarian who grew up in rural South Australia. Passionate about animals from a young age, at 15 Lauren sought out work experience at a local vet clinic where she was able secure a paid role as a kennel hand. She then progressed to a position as a junior nurse. After graduating from high school, Lauren undertook a Bachelor of Science at Flinders University before following her ultimate dream of becoming a vet. She moved to Perth to complete a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Murdoch University.

Lauren’s first role following graduation was with the Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), here in South Australia. Here she learnt many skills spanning across small animal medicine, surgery, dentistry and behaviour. After a period of time with The Lost Dogs Home in Melbourne, Australia’s largest shelter, she returned to Adelaide and has taken up a casual role with the Animal Welfare League as well as small animal practice.

Over the years of working part time in shelter medicine, Lauren has also honed her skills in private practice, working at several clinics in Adelaide and Melbourne. This has led her to realise a strong affinity with clients and a genuine passion for supporting owners in caring for their furry family members. Lauren is a highly devoted veterinarian, committed to providing high quality, patient-centric care. She thoroughly enjoys challenging cases and is always eager to tackle any problem, as a team with pet owners.

Lauren owns three cats, Hank, Frank and Moe, as well as a one year old staffy – Winifred Francine (Winnie). Frank, Moe and Winnie were all adopted from the various animal shelters Lauren has worked at, while Hank was a pet shop purchase when Lauren was just 20 years old.