Lets take a look inside

Whether it’s a cat x-ray or a dog ultrasound, our experienced vets provide non-invasive options for disease investigation and monitoring.

Pet Society Vet has Digital x-ray imaging for both our general and dental x-ray machines. We have a dedicated imaging room where our general x-rays are performed for the safety and high quality of all our pets and personnel. Dental x-rays are performed over our dental table in the treatment area. Many patients will require sedation or a short anaesthetic for safe and effective x-rays to be obtained. We will discuss your pet’s needs and options prior to any procedure being agreed upon, and encourage you to ask questions to best understand our recommendations.

Ultrasound can be used for routine abdominal scans, focused system assessment, pregnancy ultrasound, and some soft tissue diseases. Echocardiology, or heart ultrasound is available with experienced vets for heart health assessment and cardiac/heart disease staging and monitoring. The ultrasound is also used in emergency cases as a safe and effective assessment tool by our skilled vets to determine important health factors for your pet. Not all vet clinics have access to trained staff let alone an on-site ultrasound machine and we take referrals from other vet clinics, or clients seeking this service.

When the need arises, we recommend referral imaging services to access CT and MRI advanced imaging or specialist ultrasonography. We know that providing the best care for your pet is to also identify the need for further care external to Pet Society Vet and facilitate the access to these external services. We know that by keeping you and your pet’s interests at the centre of what we provide means you will continue to seek our advice and support throughout your pet’s life.