It is almost holiday time and for many, this means TRAVEL! 

For some lucky fur kids, they get to join the family travels.  For others this is not the case and families can be left to try find boarding or pet sitting accommodations.

We are happy to say we have some available Cat Boarding spaces for these holidays!!

But as you can expect this will not last, so call the team or send us an email to discuss booking options.

Not all boarding facilities are the same, and not every cat is the same. There are some beautiful facilities available around Adelaide, which means they also book up very early. We want to provide a service to our clients and their cats who would feel comfortable with a clinic boarding set up.

Read on to learn more about cat boarding and some important things to consider when choosing a boarding space for your loved ones.

Not all boarding facilities are the same, and not every cat is the same.

Some pointers we want you to consider when choosing a cat boarding facility:

  1. We encourage all clients to view the cat boarding facilities they are considering.  You know your cat best and you may feel that one space will suit them more than another.
  2. Some cats that are great at the vet usually may not find boarding as comfortable. This is often associated with the indirect contact they may have with a number of other cats boarding at the same time, or even past boarders.  There is a lot of communication that cats share without being in direct contact or socialising, and lots of smells and pheromones.
  3. Listen to your cat boarding carers if they share that your cat is not a “happy boarder” because it could be a matter of finding a different space that suits them more, or that trying to find a house sitter could be the best answer. Also, no one wants to be holidaying while their cat is petrified in boarding.
  4. Ask questions about exercise, feeding, housing space, and for some cats you will also need to ask about how their medical needs can be managed while you are away.
  5. Consider how long you are needing your cat to board for.  Again, this will be different for individual cats. This will help in determining the best space and choice for short term vs long term boarding.


At Pet Society Cat Boarding (pending availability) we can offer double or single boarding housing. The double space is almost always best for the cat as they have more choice and space. We can create a double home with vertical space OR this can be side by side.  Some of the options for configuration comes down to the availability at the time of your booking, and who else is staying with us during that time.

We are first and foremost a veterinary clinic, which means that we cannot accommodate ALL cases. To keep our patients safe and healthy, all cats must be up to date with a minimum of F3 (or F4) vaccinations. Their vaccination certificates need to be received before a booking can be confirmed. We cannot board cats that are “chronic snufflers”. These cats may have chronic or latent feline upper respiratory disease which can be transmissible to other cats, even though we do not allow direct socalisation. We are happy to take FIV positive cats, as long as you let us know so that we can take a few small additional precautions. Lastly some cats with medical needs may not be suitable for boarding with us, mainly due to our weekend hours. Speak to the team for more details.

If it is appropriate, we will allow all cats to have daily exercise time in an open space. The exercise time will usually be a minimum of a hr once or twice a day on weekdays.  This time will usually be a little shorter on the weekends.  Some cats really do not benefit from having this open space time, so we respect what is best for them.

We will NOT let cats have socialisation time, and all exercise will be solo (or with their boarding buddy if from the same home and the cats are happy to do so). When boarding multiple cats from the same home we listen to your requests and recommendations, and many of these cats are happy to share a double boarding set up. Occasionally this is not the case, and we will need to make changes to their set up as necessary during boarding.

We feel that, for most cats, our facilities are suitable for boarding up to around 2-3 weeks duration at one time. Of course, this is a conversation we encourage to have with us and discuss your needs and your cats needs and wants.

Cats that have medication needs can be boarded at Pet Society Cat Boarding, BUT they can only be medicated ONCE daily (in the morning) on Saturdays and Sundays.

Please speak to our team to discuss any specific needs and the medicines your cat is on to determine if we can facilitate you and your cat best.

We will send photos and updates via email or sms during their stay, so you can be assured they well and settled in.

If any medical concerns arise during their stay, we already have a full vet team on staff to care for their needs.  If anything unexpected was to occur we would contact you to discuss before undertaking any treatments or chargeable services. If a client is not contactable, we will provide critical care needs only.

For cases we feel there is a higher risk of medical changes during any period of boarding, we encourage clients to consent to a “maximum spend” for treatments IF you cannot be contacted to consent.  This can allow you to relax enjoy your holiday, knowing your cat is getting the care they need by your trusted vet team at Pet Society Vet.

Lastly – if you are thinking of boarding your cat at Pet Society Vet, we invite you to contact us to arrange a time to view our facilities and talk to our team about what would work best for you and your fur kid.