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Puppy Preschool is where a lot of our dogs start their training adventure with their new family. The aim of puppy preschool is to provide a safe space for early socialisation and training. Much of the training we provide is “training the owners” to arm you with the information needed for ongoing successful, psychologically safe training and integration in the home, and into the big wide world.

They are often classes of 3 to 6 puppies. Our Puppy Preschool course is 5 weeks long, with week one being an information night, and 4 fun weeks with your puppies.

Puppy preschool can also be a wonderful place to ask questions and get to know correct information on what makes dogs, dogs. We focus on working with the normal behaviours and developmental stages of our dogs to get the best results for everyone.

Meet our trainer – Michaela

Michaela is an experienced and qualified veterinary nurse and has been in the veterinary industry for over ten years. She has developed a love of training and working dogs after welcoming two border collies into her family. She has completed her puppy trainer course and spends her weekends training, volunteering and teaching classes at Obedience School. Michaela is a Force Free trained professional and aims to make not only puppy classes but vet visits as stress free as possible.

Puppy Preschool at our Unley Road Clinic

Throughout our work and services, we pride ourselves on being a safe and happy place for your pet to visit. This is additionally so for puppy preschool. Undertaking Puppy Preschool at a vet, better yet their vet, has many advantages. Firstly, this commonly leads to an incredibly positive association between your dog and the clinic, with them often being excited to come for future visits and consultations. Michaela will look out for both health and emotional elements that may need to be brought to the vet’s attention. She can address the individual puppy’s needs to create a safe and fun space for them to learn and grow. Our program is force free and positive based to ensure you and your dog have a great start to training and owner-pet bonding. Our classes are small ensuring we have the time and focus on making sure your puppy has a fun time learning.

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