Here at Pet Society Vet our staff are all Fear free Certified, what does this mean?

We have undertaken continued education in Fear Free approaches to animal handling and health, and practice force free patient management to reduced stress for both patient and fur parent.

We work with you and your pet to accommodate their needs and aim at making every visit here as stress reduced as possible. Overtime, we work towards building a trusting relationship between your pet and the clinic staff. We pride ourselves on the feedback we have had from clients who have finally found the right fit for their nervous pets. Everyone receives the best outcomes when the pet is calmer and trusting of their health care providers.

All staff are dedicated and focused on creating positive interactions with our vets and nurses and clinic as a whole.

We practice positive reinforcement training and provide those yummy treats in consults to help create a positive association with the team and the clinic (allergies permitting). If you have special treats for your pet we encourage you to bring them along in case we do not have their favourite temptation.

Our clinic is designed with a calming colour scheme, and we have made efforts to make the waiting room and consult rooms less clinical and feel more like a home.  This has had a very positive response from our patients and community.   Coupled with out dedicated approach to looking after your pet’s psychological and physical safety, and making the visits as positive as possible, we often have patients looking forward to their return visits. 

Did you know that having a successful fear free visit starts at home, before coming to the clinic? There are ways you can help to create the calmest visit for your furry family member.

Sliver Cat Friendly Clinic Accreditation

At Pet Society Vet we know how important the clinic environment is, and this can be especially so for our feline friends. We are accredited as a Silver Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation through the ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine). To qualify for accreditation the clinic and our clinical approach need to meet and maintain the Silver Level Criteria. You can learn more about the standards of care required and what we take into consideration for your cat before the vet visits, during a consult, and while they stay with us in clinic at the Cat Friendly Clinic website.

ISFM cat friendly clinic certification logo

Calm Clinic Recognised

We are also recognised as a CEVA CALM CLINIC we utilize pheromones ADAPTIL and FELIWAY in our consulting rooms, treatment rooms, and ward spaces to help alleviate the stressful feelings our patients may have at any point during their visit with us.

We also advocate for “meet and treat” visits, where you can make a time to come into the clinic to meet your cat friendly team, get some treats and a pat, or just have a sniff to become better acquainted with us here at Pet Society Vet.

Fear Free Visits for the Felines

For our cat friends some recommendations include crate or cat box training, using a pheromone spray such as FELIWAY on a towel you place in the carrier.

NB* Feliway spray needs to be done approximately 10 minutes before placing your cat in the carrier and it is also important to note never to spray directly on the cat.

You can also place a cover over the carrier while being transported.  This action can help reduce the amount of stimulation and stress from a visual point for your feline family member.

Does your cat only see its carry box when it is going to come to the vet? The association our feline friends can make with their carrier can make it more difficult and stressful for them to safely transport to clinic.

Placing your carrier in your home in an open space with their favourite blanket inside, and using FELIWAY on the blanket so that your cat can access it at any time they choose can help break the negative association with “carrier means cars and vets visits”.

Fear Free Visits for the Canines

All dogs should be on a harness and be secured to their seatbelt or in a travel crate while being transported in a vehicle.  You can also try using ADAPTIL spray on a bandana 10min before tying it loosely around their neck. This pheromone is a synthetic version of the pheromone mother dogs produce and can help to reduce stress in some dogs.

Training your dog to be comfortable travelling in a vehicle, small, short trips in the car where nothing else happens can help to get your dog comfortable with a trip to the clinic.  If your dog is not comfortable with car travel, and walking them to the clinic is not a suitable option, then you may need to consult with the vets about other options to help this travel and transition to the clinic.

Calmatives for Vet Visits

If you know travel or vet visits are a stressful time for you or your pet you may need a consult with one of our vets to discuss calming medication that can greatly improve the experience and outcome of their vet visits.

We also encourage “Victory Visits” and “Happy Visits” which are both occasions you can arrange to come into the clinic for a “non-vet consult” and we can purely focus on making the visit a happy one with treats, and cuddles for those receptive to this approach.

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